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Ready To Care

Healthcare Training

Where our mission is to provide hands on quality training,

that focuses on the development and enrichment of skills.

To cultivate competent caregivers, that are 

Ready To Care

and strive to provide the highest standard of quality care.

Teaching Tomorrow's



Our Services

The healthcare industry will always demand a great number of people to run its daily operations. Employee competency is a significant factor when measuring the success of a company. Employers need employees to be educated correctly to ensure that the needs of clients are being met and regulations are being adhered to. When employee education is a priority, client satisfaction increases, employees become empowered and positive work environments are created.

The healthcare industry can be a revolving door due to a high rate of employee turnover, often leaving employers staff challenged. 

Ready To Care is the solution for that problem! 

Ready To Care serves as a recruitment site for employers seeking employees and as a resource for individuals that are seeking healthcare related jobs. Ready To Care not only provides education but, is a contributing factor to increasing the job growth rate.

Our Instructors

Ready To Care is comprised of a team of highly educated Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses who have experience in a variety of healthcare settings. Each one of our  instructors are passionate about education. All instructors have been certified through Indiana University School of Nursing Center for Professional Development and Lifelong Learning.

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We are located on the Eastside of Indianapolis, Indiana. Revitalizing our community through education is the ultimate goal of our company. We not only want to serve our immediate community but also develop relationships and form partnerships with staples in  other communities throughout the state of Indiana, nationally and globally. By partnering with different business in our community such as assisted living facilities, daycare centers, hospitals, correctional facilities, long-term care/skilled facilities, rehabilitation centers and schools. It allows students exposure to a variety of healthcare settings. It also allows employers the first pick from a pool of potential employees.

Why Choose Ready To Care?

We offer small classroom settings where students can receive personalized attention. Although our classes and programs are structured, we offer flexibility to ensure students have the tools that they need to overcome obstacles that may be hindering them from success. We strive to meet the individualized needs of each and every one of our students. 

Horaire  A rendez- vous

Cours de RCR


Économiseur de coeur


Formation aide-soignante à domicile

QMA Insuline Administration

Validation du CT

Horaires des programmes

4semaines Infirmière Aide Formation
Jours de classe
Heures de cours
9 h-13 h 0r 17 h-21 h 30



Horaires des programmes
4 semaines QMA Formation  
Jours de classe
Heures de cours
9 h-14 h 0r 17 h-21 h 30
40 heures
(Complété sur le site clinique  approuvé par l'État)

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